I am a new agent in the financial industry and Personal Financial Snapshot has made all the difference with my success. It has given me structure to guide discussions and present products all within an educational format instead of a sales one.

David MullinUnique Advantage

About David Mullin

David was Ameritas Life Insurance Corp’s highest producing life and disability insurance first-year agent by a large margin.  He sold more than $160,000 in annual life and disability insurance premium, working from one of the lowest income per capita states in the US.  The next closest first-year agent sold approximately $100,000 in first year premium for life and disability insurance.

Why Personal Financial Snapshot?

Using Personal Financial Snapshot, there are three main areas that have contributed to my success:

  • First – Finding clients to work with
  • Second – Understanding people; how to work with and listen to them
  • Third – A structured process to guide the conversation, ultimately leading to sales

Snapshot has excelled most for me in the third area.  My clients appreciate the information and can see the value of different products in the view and context of their overall plan. This is much more valuable than trying to manufacture a need to sell things individually.

Why the Snapshot Model Works for Me

The Personal Financial Snapshot model provides a format and a structure that makes it easy for clients to see and follow. The discussion naturally flows from one component to another. You don’t just skip over “estate planning”, for example, otherwise the client will catch you on it. We all know there are sales we’ve left on the table because we didn’t ask the right questions. Snapshot helps clients see the importance of the questionnaire and providing accurate information. While meeting with clients and guiding them through the model, more layers of information can be discovered that are critical to know in order to be on the same page with clients in the discovery and planning process.

Snapshot has made a huge difference with my clients! It’s not a product sale. It’s a planning process that looks at all the pieces together and gives a clear path to help move the client forward over time.

Achieve Credibility as an Agent

To begin you need to know what you want to accomplish with your clients and how each piece fits within the principles and software.  It is very flexible for different products and strategies.  Some pieces that might seem limiting are actually thought out and important.

For example, it doesn’t dynamically update account information and balances—it is designed to give a snapshot of the total financial picture at that moment.  As you meet with clients to review and update information, a new snapshot is created, allowing clients to compare where they were and how their choices have improved their plans overall.

Over time, this tangible progress helps reinforce positive behavior and also gives you more credibility as an agent.  I explain this to my clients when I introduce the software in a first meeting.

Snapshot focuses on principles and allows discussion on how they can improve and be more efficient when drilling into each principle. This builds trust and greater value with the client. 

Snapshot Keeps Getting Better

I have appreciated the continual improvements that are made with the software to make things better and more efficient. Too often we complicate things far more than needed.  As I have learned how to teach and present different options, Snapshot allows me to keep things simple and fall back on the five principles to help overcome objections.

I am grateful for the truly comprehensive approach that Personal Financial Snapshot allows with the planning process. My clients come away feeling like they know and understand why changes are made and how those changes affect the rest of their plan.  They recognize the value and don’t feel like they’re just being sold a product.