Product Features

The Personal Financial Snapshot Software

A Comprehensive One-Page Financial Summary

Additional Features:

  • Created by a Certified Financial Planner to use in his own practice. 
  • Made to simplify the financial planning process for both the planner and the client through an intuitive and easy-to-follow process.
  • Designed as a great alternative to Wall Street focused software, our non-traditional, client-focused, principles-based approach which doesn’t recommend specific products.
  • Allows the planner to prioritize client desires where they should be… at the top!
  • Provides an easy-to-understand, comprehensive, one-page snapshot that clearly illustrates a client’s financial summary.
  • Gives both the client and the planner actionable information on gaps and opportunities that indicate how best to move forward.
  • With Personal Financial Snapshot you never have to guess!

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Features To Help You Meet Your Fiduciary Responsibility


Compare an individual’s current financial situation with The Five Principles of Personal Finance.


Built in Future Value, Present Value, Payment, Interest, and Periods calculators, as well as a Variable Rates Calculator.


Use the built in calculators and Strategy Worksheet to compare and contrast ideas and strategies in an easy to understand format.


Not product-specified driven. You and your clients have the ability to evaluate and recommend whichever course of action you feel is best for your client’s particular situation.


Comprehensive Financial Questionnaire. The software includes a downloadable/printable Confidential Financials Questionnaire. Easily email the questionnaire to clients. No stone is left unturned in this questionnaire!

Your Logo

Tired of using software that has another company’s name on it? Increase mindshare and coordination by embedding your own company logo into the software, any printouts, and the questionnaire.