About Us

The Founder

I am the most blessed person in the world.  At least I feel that way. Although my parents were divorced when I was two years old, and I experienced having multiple step-families, I have had so many great things happen in my life, the greatest of which is my marriage to the most impressive person I’ve ever met, whom I am blessed to call my wife. From our marriage I have received the next greatest blessing, and that is my three awesome daughters. I love them all with my whole soul.

My journey in the world of financial planning began while I was still in college. I became very interested and read all sorts of books on the topic. I connected especially with Robert Kiyosaki and his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Over time I realized that the “financial planning” that was being taught to the masses was not only wrong, but it was hurting people. It was causing them to fail financially.

People aren’t being taught how to become financially free, or “rich”, as Robert Kiyosaki states in his books. They are being taught to sock money away in the coffers of the financial institutions, giving up control, giving up access, use, and cash flow. They are being taught to follow what I call “The Accumulation Theory”. They are being encouraged to gamble, but call it “investing”. They are being encouraged to save in things that are anything but safe.

My goal, my journey, my mission, is to change how financial planning is done.

It is to help clients to become educated and empowered. To learn how to do what financial institutions do, instead of what they want us to do with our money.  I believe principles are the key to helping clients get what they want from their money. I believe principles are the key for all of us to achieve financial freedom.

The purpose of Personal Financial Snapshot™ is to train an army of Principles-Based Financial Planners™ who will take this message out and make a difference in the lives of everyone they meet.

Kyle J. Christensen, CFP, Owner



  • To help clients become and remain financially free.
  • We teach correct financial principles.
  • We are our clients’ most trusted advisor.
  • We offer principles-based financial planning.
  • We provide a step-by-step client evaluation process. 
  • We empower clients by educating and teaching principles. 
  • We help clients know their current financial state, better than ever before.
  • We don’t miss anything, and talk about everything. 
  • We teach clients to make decisions based on principles, not predictions.  
  • We don’t have to sell, clients choose to buy what’s right for them.
  • We’re not selling financial products. We sell principles. 
  • We teach our clients to make solid financial decisions.
  • Financial products we recommend are a byproduct of the process, not the objective. 
  • Our clients buy a lot of financial products.
  • Financial products are incidental to building financial freedom.
  • If we have one major overriding selfish desire, it’s to garner referrals. We measure our success much more by our clients’ willingness and eagerness to invite others to meet with us versus the products they’ve chosen for themselves.

Creating Complete Individualized Plans for Clients


Software that is designed with the clients’ needs in mind first.


Software that creates a comprehensive view of a client’s financial situation.


Software platform for advisors to give principle-based recommendations.


Software that provides detailed and actionable plans in a snapshot!


Features To Help You Meet Your Fiduciary Responsibility


Software allows advisor to analyze and measure a client’s financial situation.


Future Value, Present Value, Payment, Interest, Periods, and Variable Rates Calculators.


Allows advisor to compare and contracts ideas for an individualized financial plan.


Produces situational and product-specific driven recommendations.


Creates easy, effective, and very specific questions for each client.

White Label

Financial firms can embed your own company branding into the software.