5 principles

of Personal Finance



The first step to wealth creation is systematically and automatically saving a percentage of earnings for the future. People should save at least 15% of their gross income.

Maximum, in simplest terms, is the best someone can do. Accidents, death, disability, lawsuits, and medical needs cannot be predicted. Maximum protection puts clients in the best position to be prepared for any of those events.





The ability to guarantee replacement of assets based on a guaranteed life event (death), gives people the liberty to utilize and enjoy assets while living at a much higher level than if they were to self-insure. Self-insuring leads to fear of outliving assets. Insuring allows freedom to use assets while living.

”Cash is King”. Those who have sufficient levels of cash have the ability to avoid unnecessary debt and take advantage of opportunities while still being prepared for unexpected life events.





Velocity of money simply means getting more than one use of the same dollar. Dollars that can be used more than once have the ability to provide added benefits, reduce risk, increase ability to build and utilize wealth and increase capacity to transfer assets.