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Be a Principles-Based Financial Planner

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Our Powerful Principles-Based Planning Process

We provide you with our unique and holistic principles-based planning process in a step-by-step format, including Online Training and helpful video tutorials.

It’s easy to follow. It’s extremely effective. Clients love it. 

Agents and Advisors love it.


Your Why

Because you want to teach your clients principles that will empower them to become and remain financially free.

Proven Process

This process works with income and asset ranges of all kinds and doesn’t change depending on the client, which makes it repeatable and improvable.


We can’t predict the future needs of each client, and we don’t have to. Instead, we empower our clients by teaching them principles that give them the ability to evaluate and make better financial choices.


Most of the challenge we have has to do with a client’s desire to change and because of our unique process, the PFS model is very motivational to our clients. 

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